Intellectual Property Statement


All forms, data collection tools, potty training plans and content of www.gottagopottytraining.com webpage are solely owned by Nichole Brooks, and i gotta GO! Potty training services. Sharing, editing, and copying in whole or part is strictly prohibited as described by State and Federal Law without the explicit written permission of Nichole Brooks.

Privacy Policy

Nichole Brooks, owner of i gotta GO! Potty training services, in compliance with State and Federal law, maintains strict confidentiality of all records, forms, conversations, and interactions with each client. All records and documents will be safely secured and password protected to ensure all personally identifiable information and personal health information is kept confidential at all times.

Permission to share photos/videos

Photographs and/or video will not be shared without prior written authorization from parents/guardians. If permission is granted, parents/guardians will be asked to sign a release form allowing Nichole Brooks to use the photos on the I gotta GO! Webpage, Facebook, or Instagram pages. By releasing the photos to Nichole Brooks, you are also stating that you own the rights to share the photos or have obtained permission from the person or persons who own those rights.


Nichole Brooks understands that life happens and sometimes cancellations are necessary. In the event you are unable to begin potty training on the date you booked you will have the option of rescheduling services, based on availability, for up to 30 calendar days. No refunds will be issued for cancellation.

Missed Appointments

If you need to reschedule I ask that you do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice. It will be the client’s responsibility to reschedule the call or Skype visit using the online form found here. Rescheduled visits will be based on availability.

In Person Potty Training

It is required that parents/guardians are present in the home during all potty training hours. Nichole Brooks will be present to potty train your child and provide tips, strategies, and techniques to parents so that they may carry over training in her absence. Parents are encouraged to plan potty training services when they are able to commit to full attendance.

Customer satisfaction

Nichole will strive to earn your highest level of satisfaction. While training timelines are unique for each child, the goal is always to train as quickly as possible embracing your child’s own skill set and abilities. For some children complete day/night, urine and bowel training occurs very quickly. It is important to recognize that for some children the entire process, including self initiation may take several weeks or even months. Age of the child, level of ability, physiology, and parent consistency and communication with the consultant all play key roles in success and timelines. Nichole is dedicated to educating parents, schools, and caregivers on effective techniques and strategies, empowering and partnering with parents so that they are confident throughout the potty training experience, and teaching each child the necessary steps involved in the sequence of behaviors needed to successfully train. Above all, Nichole works to hopes to make potty training FUN for moms and dads and especially for children!

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