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As parents we tend to question EVERYTHING and potty training is no exception! In my experience as a professional potty trainer I’ve been asked countless times how to determine if a child is ready. Statements such as I’ve read all the books and tried it all” are common from parents who may feel defeated and overwhelmed. All too often parents contact me because their child doesn’t get it” and they are unsure where to begin. 

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Potty training can be tricky for any parent. When you factor in challenges such as Autism, Down syndrome, and motor or speech delays it can seem even more impossible. Nichole Brooks, Potty Training Consultant and owner of I gotta Go! Potty Training Services is an expert in potty training. She has trained dozens of children of all abilities. As the parent of a child with Down syndrome she brings a level of understanding and compassion others in the field may lack. Her unique approach offers individualized potty training plans and ongoing support to help you and your child successfully potty train. Your child CAN potty train and with Nichole’s support it can even be FUN!

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If you’ve found yourself saying any of the following, contact Nichole today to schedule an individualized potty training consultation:
  • ”I’ve tried it all, nothing seems to work!”
  • ”The books and information online are great for a child without special needs but this won’t work for my child!”
  • ”My child uses the potty at home but keeps having accidents at school!”
  • ”My child has bladder control but will not use the potty for bowel movements!”
  • ”How do I teach my child to stay dry at night?”
  • ”I give up!”
  • ”My child doesn’t walk or talk, can they really be potty trained?”
  • ”I have no idea where to start!”

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